By Ian Schwartz

DAVIS (CBS13) — A would-be attacker was thwarted by his intended victim when she fought back against his attempted sexual assault, Davis Police say.

A woman was walking alone to her car in a parking lot in Alvarado Avenue Monday night, when a man made his move and pounced on her.

“She was confronted by the male suspect who forced her backward toward her vehicle,” said Davis Police Lt Glenn Glasgow.

The woman was able to kick her attacker and run away to call police. But her would-be rapist is still on the loose.

Students who live in the apartments near Anderson and Alvarado are walking with a bit more caution at sunset after hearing what happened here.

“I think that’s pretty scary, especially if it’s close to this area, since there are so many people around,” said UC Davis student Mary Englund.

Self-defense teacher Justin Bunn says people should always pay attention to their surroundings, no matter how safe it seems.

But if it comes to fighting back, he says aim for the face to stun, and then run.

“You can also just bump that arm away, you can smack the ears, punch the nose, or palm to the nose. That’s going to tear up the eyes,” said Bunn.


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