By Cambi Brown

DAVIS (CBS13) – A UC Davis fraternity is living in fear after someone allegedly attempted to blow up the home with natural gas, all while the students slept inside.

Investigators say the explosion could have wiped out the home and others nearby.

“I don’t know why they would wish us harm. I don’t feel we’ve done anything to deserve this,” said Noem.

An explosive scare at the Kappa Sigma fraternity had members waking up to the smell of gas and a small fire.

“It could have been a catastrophic outcome,” said Glen.

Davis police believe someone turned on the stove, filling the home with natural gas, while the home’s members slept.

“We smelled the gas; that’s how we knew something was up,” said Fredy.

Then, police say, the arsonist tried to light a fire in the bathroom. Whoever did it not only put the students in danger, but the neighborhood as well.

“We aren’t sure, at this point, if the attack was against us or one of our members,” said Noem.

About 40 people gathered at the home Sunday evening for a haunted house. Police are questioning those potential witnesses and warning students to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

“We’ve actually called in officers to patrol sororities and frats, and educate them in the incident,” said Glen.

The 15 fraternity members were able to stay the night in the home.

“It’s really stressful and hard to sleep now,” said Fredy.

Davis police have not established a motive. As precaution, they informed other fraternities and sororities of the incident in case it was an attack on Greek life.


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