Grant started the show talking about the Stanford Oregon game last night and what he thought about the game last night. He talked about what he thought about Oregon and what it means for the team the year. Grant also talked about the LA Lakers vs. Houston Rockets game last night as well as the Kings and the game tonight. During “Grant’s Rant” Grant talked about Howard running away when the Lakers were trying to intentionally fouled him and Grant’s displeasure with it.Later on Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger came on The Grant Napear Show today to talk about the Kings, their upcoming games and what the organization has in store for the fans. Granger talked about the upcoming game next Friday against the Detroit Pistons on ESPN and hopes that the fans energy and noise level can make a difference as well as other promotional games they have planned later on in the year.Brandon Lang, of be called into The Grant Napear Show and talked about this weeks games including the college football game with the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Lang talked about what he thinks about giving Les Miles and LSU an extra week to prepare for the Crimson Tide as well as past match-ups.Later on, Lang talked about this week’s games in the NFL including games including the Denver Broncos, the New Orleans Saints, the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons and what he expects from each game.

Finally, Fox College Football Analyst Charles Davis came on The Grant Napear Show later on to talk about the USC Trojans vs. Cal Berkeley game this weekend and what he thinks about the game.

Davis also talked about the game last night between the Stanford Cardinal and the Oregon Ducks and what it means that Oregon lost and what it means for the team going forward as well as how good Baylor is playing and if he thinks it’s sustainable or not.

Davis also talked about the NFL and talked about the San Francisco 49ers and what he thinks it means that Aldon Smith is back at practice.