Grant Napear kicked off the show talking about the Sacramento Kings and the way they’ve been playing over the last few weeks and what Grant thinks will happen with the team going forward. Grant addressed the lineup and asked the listeners to call in and give their opinions about who they think should start and what they think of the team at this point.
Later on

Grant’s Rant talked about Dwayne Bowe and his arrest for speeding and being in possession of marijuana. Grant’s listeners called in and discussed the matter as well as going back to the Kings and how they’ve looked as well as what coach Malone has done and what they think he will do as the season progresses.

Later on, national radio broadcaster JT The Brick called into the Grant Napear Show and talked about the Oakland Riders and the way they’ve played so far this year. JT talked about the amount of money that the raiders are going to have next year and the amount of draft picks they have. JT talked about Terrelle Pryor and how he’s done this year and if he see’s Pryor playing for the Raiders next year. JT also talked about how well the defense has played this year but how the Raiders are going to need to address certain things with the Raiders such as the offensive line and the offense as a whole.

Sacramento Kings head coach Michael Malone called into the Grant Napear Show and talked about the lack of effort concern that people have talked about with the team as well as the work that he puts into the team. Malone touched on the starting lineup and what he plans to do as far as the amount of tweaks that he’ll use over the next few games.

Coach Malone also talked about the Brooklyn Nets and some of the things that the Kings will have to prepare for when they play them tomorrow as well as other teams the Kings will face in the future. Coach Malone also talked about the Trail Blazers and what happened in the two previous games and what they plan to do about it in the future.


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