SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – They share a parent, and now children whose mom’s used sperm donors want to meet. The new movie “Delivery Man” deals with a real-life plot of local donor siblings doing just that.

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Donor siblings have been meeting up with each other for many years, thanks to a website,, where you can enter the sperm donor number and it shows you other families that have used the same one.

We talked to two local teens who found each other through that website and now consider each other family.
“It was kind of weird because I had never had a sibling and I was always like an only child,” said Cheyenne Jorgenson.

Fifteen year old Cheyenne and 16-year-old half-brother Noah Davis both live in the Sacramento area, but they had never met or even knew the other existed until a few years ago.

“It was kinda like, odd and then after a while, the third or fourth time it was like, brothers and sisters — really close,” said Noah.

Cheyenne and Noah met 12 other half siblings living around the country after their moms got curious and logged onto the donor sibling registry. They each used their assigned sperm donor number to find a match.

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“I put the number in and then I was contacted immediately by two of the other siblings’ moms,” said Noah’s mother.

The children range in ages from 17 to 9. And it’s pretty apparent they have a lot in common in how they look and what they do.

“It’s kind of comforting to know that there’s people that you see where you get certain things from,” said Cheyenne.

At one time they were complete strangers, but now they all consider each other family — a family with a bond built on a four-digit number.

“It’s a comforting feeling for me to know that someday when I’m not here, my daughter will have so much extended family and there are so many people that love her,” said Cheyenne’s mother.

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There’s also the likely possibility there are more children out there born from the same sperm donor.