By Tony Lopez

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Many CBS13 viewers thought they solved the mystery of the missing Flintstone car featured on Tuesday’s newscast.

It turns out that wasn’t the case, but they did help create a happy ending to a holiday heist.

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Mark Runyan is not a thief. He has a colorful yard display, an ice cream parlor hat, and a handlebar mustache, but he’s certainly not a thief.

He’s a God-loving, likable man who sees the bright side of things, even when he’s accused of something he didn’t do.

On Tuesday night, the man who dresses like a character you’d see on Main Street in Disneyland found out what a small world it was. He discovered his Fred Flintstone mobile isn’t the only one in the area.

“I was very surprised that there was anything else like it around,” he said.

There was another one, until someone stole it from in front of World’s Best Comics in Sacramento.

And original flintstone

Someone snapped a picture of the Flintstone car loaded in a turquoise truck while thieves made their getaway.

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Runyan doesn’t own a turquoise truck. But because he owns and proudly displays his own Fred Flintstone mobile and displays it in the front yard of his Folsom home, social media lit up after our original story.

Could this be the one that was stolen?

“Mine wasn’t stolen,” he said. “I built it.”

Dave Downey, the owner of the stolen one, checked it out and agreed that it wasn’t his.

Flintstone carjacking sequel

This story, however, ends with a kind gesture from Runyan.

“It would just be a near thing for everything to go full circle,” he said, “that I go ahead and donate mine to replace the one that was stolen.”

Yes, the man in the rocking chair rocked the victim’s world by offering to donate his Flintstone mobile once Santa’s done with it for the holidays.

“They were very grateful and accepted the offer,” Runyan said.

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Not quite a Christmas miracle, but one heck of a holiday story as Mark Runyan answers the question, “What would Jesus yabba-dabba do?”