SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There is more political fighting over a proposed downtown sports arena. The judge did not make a decision at today’s hearing, but instead delayed any ruling until three weeks from now.

“I don’t feel there is a reason to hear the matter,” said Sacramento Superior Court Judge Eugene Balonon.

Even without a motion, the group trying to stall the $258 million subsidy seems confident it is making up ground in its effort to uncover what it says is the true amount the city is about to pay for the new arena.

“I think we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel where we can actually start engaging in some serious discovery to obtain evidence to support the allegations we have made,” said attorney Jeff Anderson, who is seeking to stall the subsidy.

The lawsuit was filed by the same members of STOP, the group pushing the arena subsidy to be put before voters in June. Lawyers are hoping to force city staff to reveal some alleged backdoor deal.

“We believe that will develop additional evidence that we can then take and do further depositions of other city officials and other document request,” said Anderson.

The lawyer for the city did not speak after the hearing, but claims the term sheet released in March is nothing more than a non-binding agreement that can be altered.

Lawyers for the anti-subsidy group say the city is trying to push the arena deal through before the issue makes it on the ballot.

“It informed the city that these stunts and tricks to prevent us from getting to discovery will simply not be tolerated anymore,” said Patrick Solura, a lawyer seeking to stall the arena subsidy.

Both sides will be back in court on January 9.


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