The Grant Napear Show started talking about the San Francisco 49ers game against the Carolina Panthers and the game this weekend against the Seattle Seahawks. Grant talked about how the 49ers looked and what he thinks will happen next week against the Seahawks. Grant opened the lines up to the callers who all wanted to talk about the game and who they think wins. Grant also touched on the Broncos vs. Patriots game.

Grant had Ted Robinson on the show to talk about the 49ers chances this weekend and what he thought about the way the 49ers played. Robinson talked about the defense of the 49ers and how it may be even better than it was last year to go along with the solid offense that they have as well as the recent games with Seattle and San Francisco.

Grant also had Sam Amick on the show to talk about the way the Kings have been playing recently. Amick talked about the consistent play of Demarcus Cousins and the play of Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Williams and why the Kings have been winning lately.

Grant also had Mike Silver on to talk about the two games this weekend in the NFL with the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots as well as the 49ers vs. Seahawks. Silver talked about the play of Manning and the play of Kaepernick and how the weather and the stadiums will play a factor in who wins the game and make it to the Super Bowl.


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