By Cambi Brown

FOLSOM (CBS13) — There’s a new K-9 hitting the streets with the Folsom Police Department.

Gunner and his partner Mike Grueneberg have been patrolling the streets of Folsom for almost a month now. That’s after training together for the past six months after Gunner was selected as the best for the job.

“Basically does a job interview with multiple dogs,” Grueneberg said.

The officers says picking up his new partner was exciting, but also intimidating, because he knows what Gunner is capable of.

“Trying to get that dog you’ve never met before that’s trained to bite out of your car,” he said.

For the first two weeks, the pair focused on bonding—playing catch and spending time together.

Grueneberg says there’s a fine line though to make sure Gunner knows who is in charge.

“Usually the handler wants to be the only one feeding him, so he learns who his master is,” he said.

Gunner’s eyes are always searching for his partner, waiting to see if any command is given.

A new Ford Explorer is replacing the Crown Victorias K-9s used to ride in, giving them more space as they wait for duty to call.

“The back area where Gunner sleeps and stays during his shift is quite a big bigger, and gives the dog a lot more room,” he said.

One of the newest crime-fighting teams to hit the streets of Folsom are partners for work, and it seems life.

“We’re both kind of goof balls,” he said. “We like to joke around and have a good time.”

Gunner isn’t narcotics certified yet, but his handler says that’s the next step for his training.