SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You’re going to have to bring home the bacon to bring home bacon and other breakfast staples.

Pork prices are expected to spike this summer, because of a mysterious virus that’s killed between 4 million and 5 million piglets in the United States since June.

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“It hits baby pigs about the second day after they’re born,” said pig farmer Steve Weaver. “Mortality rate is 100 percent.”

Weaver says his herd hasn’t been hit, but it’s forcing all farmers to be vigilant with access and cleanliness until researchers find a way to eradicate the virus.

“We’ve already spent, since last June, $1.7 million in research trying to find where it even came from,” he said.

The virus, while devastating to pigs, doesn’t affect humans.

But it’s not just pork that could take a bigger bite out of your breakfast budget.

Imports of frozen concentrated orange juice from Brazil are blocked after regulators found a fungicide that can’t legally be used on oranges in the United States.

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That drop in supply could reportedly increase prices.

And even that morning cup of coffee might get a jolt in cost.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters owner Edie Baker says the drought in Brazil, combined with leaf rust spreading across Central America is killing the bean crop.

“I think it will be a big factor when you think that Brazil produces 70 percent and they’re down at least 15 percent this year,” Baker said.

She says consumers will likely see higher prices at big, chain retailers.

But Chocolate Fish works directly with coffee farmers, so Baker says that may not be the case at small businesses like her that secure coffee prices for years.

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“We can absorb those increases for a while before it affects the consumer,” she said.