By Maria Medina

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A tornado damaged a dozen homes in a west Roseville neighborhood.

A storm cell marched across the valley on Wednesday spawning funnel clouds from Nicolaus to Placer County. So far, it appears only one touched down in Roseville.

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Seconds after hearing about the tornado warning in Placer County, Mark Thompson says he got on the ground with his dogs.

“Looked out the window and heard a big boom,” he said. “You could feel it, and I saw my bench fly up in the air and it hit my neighbor’s house.”

Keith Kun says he, his wife and two sons weren’t at home when the storm hit, which was fortunate.

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“It destroyed our couch inside,” he said, referring to where his family would have been. “It blew through two windows.”

The National Weather Service measured the tornado as an EF-0, the lowest on the Fujita scale. It’s very rare for tornadoes in California to be much stronger. But even something so comparatively weak still left a big mark on this neighborhood.

Bianca Marteja say the tornado right before it touched her home. Most of the damage was done to roofs like hers and fences.

“I saw debris fly in the air, and the tiles from my roof fell down, and I got super freaked out, and I ran to the closet,” she said.

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Nobody was injured in the storm.