SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Finding a job after college isn’t easy, which is why one woman stood outside the state Capitol on Thursday, hoping to land a job interview with someone.

After five months of searching for a job, Brittany Mullin says she’s only landed one interview.

“I majored in child development with a research track,” she said.

She stood outside the Capitol for hours on Thursday holding a sign that said “Job wanted … Interview me.”

“I feel that people get hundreds of applications at times,” she said. “How do you stand out of 10 of 100?”

A recent survey found 41 percent of students who have graduated in the past two years saying they’re underemployed or working jobs that don’t require their degrees.

That’s a category Brittany falls into, graduating from Stanislaus State in December, and now forced to break out a sign in front of the Capitol in hopes of finding full-time work.

“I think that that makes me look hard-working and determined—which i am—compared to the person who maybe just submitted an application,” she said.

Lindsay Mann, the CEO of Visalia healthcare company that employs 3,700 people, says Brittany is definitely worth consideration for potential employers.

“Anyone with the moxie, and initiative of Brittany is a great hire. Not a good hire, a great hire,” he said. “She’s going to be successful, no question about it. It’s a matter of who’s going to be lucky enough to have her on the team.”

Brittany says she talked to a number of people on Thursday, and got some leads on jobs, but no solid interviews yet.

“It was a little spontaneous, but then I also looked it up online,” she said. “I saw somebody in London did it and he got offered a job the very next day. It can’t hurt.”


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