Clouds acted like a blanket overnight, keeping some locations above 80 degrees. It’s made for a dramatic sunrise.

Valley locations running are running 4-8 degrees warmer than yesterday. At some point today, we’re going to start to see the clouds clearing and feel the delta breeze pick up. There are a lot of factors at play impacting the high temperatures.
We will generally see the cloud cover north of the Sacramento to the foothills.

We have been tracking a couple of light rain showers. There’s a threat of thunderstorms producing lightning, which will develop in the Sierra this afternoon. We are getting reports of steady drizzle out in the Bay Area due to not only the monsoonal moisture streaming from the south, but the marine layer.

After today, a lot of the cloud cover will disappear from the valley. It looks like we will see the ridge of high pressure that’s keeping us so hot start to break down.

Even though we’re going to be for more sunshine, we’ll see temperatures leveling off for the week. High temperatures will be warm. The Northern San Joaquin valley and Modesto will hit 97 degrees. In Elk Grove, Sacramento will generally be in the low 90s. Highs will get near 100 in Oroville. In the foothills, we’ll have isolated showers. High temperatures are still on the hot side. There’s the thunderstorm threat around Tahoe later today. The high on the south shore could get up to 82 degrees.

Look for things to get back to normal the rest of the week.


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