Rick Amor has many titles after his name: attorney, publisher, realtor and businessman. But he admits he needed the guidance of someone with an MBA to work with him in his sparkling wine venture.

While receiving his education at the University of California, Davis and calling it home; Amor wanted to branch out. It was during the launch party of his publication, Bel Air Magazine, that he discovered a new business.

(Photo Courtesy of Rick Amor)

(Photo Courtesy of Rick Amor)

“I wanted to offer a specialty drink during the party,” Amor explained. “I thought a Bel Air Bellini would be refreshing on a warm California night.” After tasting the beverage especially created for his magazine and really enjoying it, Amor partnered with others to create the bottled version of Bel Air Bellini. After winning the 2012 Gold Medal in San Francisco International Wine Competition, Amor knew he had a great product.

But despite his knowledge and his creative staff, Amor realized that to succeed, he would need someone with an MBA to guide him to success.

“While I have advanced degrees myself,” Amor said, “it is not the same as having an education in business. I knew there were many pitfalls and obstacles and hiring someone with an MBA would be the best investment in my many business ventures.

“All of my staff has degrees. I feel going to college and pursuing a higher education shows discipline, drive and a willingness to invest in time, money and in you. While I appreciate experience, I have discovered that coupled with education, my many endeavors have benefitted with this combination.”

It was through the guidance of his advisor with an MBA that Amor found a bottler in Lodi using grapes from Napa Valley to create his sparkling wine and first market to California, developing a campaign as a refreshing product made in California for Californians. Now the wine has expanded its distribution into other states as well as online sales.

“While I have been involved with many businesses and careers,” Amor said, “I have learned so much and really appreciate the value of having someone with an MBA working with me.”

Debbie Hall is practically a Las Vegas native (34 years and counting) and loves experiencing everything in Southern Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to the surrounding mountains and Lake Mead. She also teaches at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and loves sharing her knowledge. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.


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