WARNING, this video is NOT safe for work!  Again, if you play this video at your desk make sure the volume is low.

Hunter Pence, extremely excited as the Giants clinch a playoff birth, had some words of encouragement for his teammates.  CSN Bay Area was airing the postgame celebration live.  Amy Gutierrez, live from the locker room throws it to Pence as he’s about to address his team.

Question, WHY would you go LIVE to a passionate excited player like Hunter Pence right after an emotional win as he’s giving his teammates a postgame speech?  At the very beginning of Pence talking you can hear someone, a producer I assume, say “language”, yet they continue to stay with Pence for another 18 seconds.  How does that happen?

I think the Giants and CSN do an amazing job on their broadcasts, but I’m amazed how long they stayed with Pence and his profanity laced speech.  You can’t blame Pence, he’s in his environment.  He’s pumped up about his teams accomplishment.  I get it.  And I have no problem seeing/hearing that on TV, so I really don’t care.  I’m just confused how you can let that air for as long as it did.

And there’s a history of this happening with the Giants and their post game celebrations.  We all remember Tim Lincecum and his “F” Yeah to Amy G when she asked if he was ready for his champagne shower.  Also, another Lincecum moment when he said something extremely inappropriate after Barry Zito shot him in the eye with champagne.  So you know the possibility is there that some not so TV friendly words might be said.

Maybe they should avoid live locker room moments, or warn their audience, or have a delay ready.  Or maybe we, the viewer, should realize that these guys are excited and expect that we may hear something and not get upset about it.  Because honestly, who cares?



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