SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The family of a Sacramento car salesman who was shot in the face by a suspect accused of killing two deputies calls his survival a miracle.

Anthony Holmes was allegedly shot during an attempted carjacking by two suspects who were on the run after the death of a Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy, and before the death of a Placer County deputy.

He’s still recovering at UC Davis Medical Center, unable to speak or eat on his own after his jaw was shattered by one of the bullets.

Anthony Holmes

But his wife, Sharon Holmes, says even after all he’s been through, he’s alert and responsive.

“I think I’m just kind of still in shock,” she said. “Cry myself to sleep—tore me up.”

She’s been by his side since Friday, when investigators say a man who goes by the name Marcelo Marquez and his girlfriend tried to steal his vehicle.

“He gave me a kiss on the forehead that morning, and a few hours later, I’m laying in the bed trying to get over pneumonia they told me I had, and tell me my husband got shot and it’s like my whole world stopped,” she said.

She says when Anthony refused to give up his car, the suspects started firing, over and over. He was hit in the ear, through the jaw, and in his arms and hands from when he covered his face.

Sharon says while she isn’t surprised her husband put up that fight, she can’t believe he actually made it out alive.

“It’s hard for me to get past what he even had to encounter,” she said. “Nobody on earth deserves that. My heart goes out to the officers that didn’t make it, and just whoever encountered this animal.

Sharon says it will be awhile before Anthony will be released from the hospital and back with his family.

He’s got a very long road to recovery ahead of him, but doctors do believe he will be able to talk and eat on his own again.

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