By Kurtis Ming

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — The new FICO credit score formula could raise your credit, but some are raising concerns before it’s even launched.

The new formula is supposed to make medical debt less important.

An expert tells us that could raise people’s scores as much as 80 points.

But we’ve learned, just because FICO has a new formula doesn’t mean it’s going to be used.

Viewer Maria Motley’s Chihuahua Gino nipped her hand back in 2013 — then the swelling started.

She went to the ER, but said she left before seeing a doctor. Then a bill came for almost $1,500.

“I was just blown away.” she said. “For what? I didn’t even see a doctor.”

Unable to pay it all off at the time, Motley was one of millions worried medical debt could affect their credit score.

The newest FICO model known as the FICO 9 may change that.

Instead of factoring all debt in your credit score, this new model won’t weigh medical debt as much.

FICO said it’ll raise the average score for people with medical debt by 25 points.

Just one problem.

“There’s no assurance they will utilize this credit score,” said credit expert Al Bingham.

Bingham said lenders can choose which FICO model they use.

FICO has confirmed to CBS13 it currently has 49 different scores.

But Bingham said there’s no guarantee credit card companies, car lenders, or home loan companies will use this new score.

And you may have no idea which model your lender is using.

“That’s part of the problem with this,” he said.

FICO insists this new score is more effective, but admits it has no idea how many lenders will use it.

In Motley’s case, after we got involved, the hospital agreed to work out a payment plan.

She wants hospitals to be more transparent about medical costs.

“I think we deserve to know,” he said.

If lenders do use this new scoring model, Bingham worries it could encourage people with medical bills to ignore paying off that debt.


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