By Matt Furtado/KHTK Sports 1140

Soccer has never been the most popular sport in America, nor will it ever be.

Anti-soccer people will come up with thousands of reasons why soccer just isn’t their cup of tea.

“It’s too slow.”

“It isn’t physical enough.”

“Who wants to watch 22 people chase a ball back and forth over a huge field?”

While I do agree with all of those statements, I have the perfect answer for the people out there, like me, who just can’t get into regular soccer.

The answer? Indoor Soccer.

That’s right, indoor soccer will change the way all non-soccer fans see the game.

It’s fast-paced, physical and the field is about the size of a hockey rink.

If you want to picture what this sport would look like, imagine if soccer and hockey came together in one sport.

The walls are all in play, which not only means great passes and rebound shots off the wall, but you will see players get slammed into the boards, just like hockey.

Now, why am I randomly talking to you about indoor soccer when the NBA is in full swing and the NFL has reached its midpoint?

Well, it’s quite simple.

The Major Arena Soccer League season started just a few weeks ago and the Sacramento Surge have its home opener November 15.

If you have never heard of the Surge before, don’t be ashamed, they are relatively new; this just being their third season in Sacramento.

As we have seen this past year with the Sacramento Republic FC’s inaugural season, there is a large amount of soccer fans in this area who will rally around their team.

The Surge may not reach that level of popularity that the Republic reached in just one year, but the Surge gives an opportunity to those fans who may not enjoy traditional soccer to enjoy a fast-paced, physical form of soccer.

So, whether you’re already a fan of soccer, you’re interested in a more physical form of soccer or you just want to support another Sacramento team, check out Sacramento’s professional indoor soccer team.

Join KHTK Sports 1140 at each Sacramento Surge home game at McClellan Park this season.

For $2 off tickets to see the Sacramento Surge Home Opener, just click the link for the promo code:

Check out this hype video for the league below!


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