Looking for a quick transition into a paying profession without having to learn Shakespeare? The coding craze has been in the career news for years, but now it is capturing even more of the market by converting even children into coders using visual blocks of code given the technology known as Blockley.

Blockley is a user-friendly interface of pictures that override the need for actual writing of code as text, the claims from non-profits publishing free tutorials such as Hour of Code are that anyone between the ages of 4 to 104 who knows how to use a computer can do it.

The State of California EDD data base shows over 10,000 employers are currently employing 42.9% of total employment for that particular career field in the State of California. Employment is expected to rise for computer programmers by 12%, software developers by 29.4%, and web developers by 31.6% by 2022.

Consequently, smart career services firms such as PathFinder Information in Sacramento have been launching career consultations and coaching packages for entry, mid and executive level career professionals. These also include baby boomers whose careers may have become obsolete and were laid off, and/or veterans hoping to make career transitions. PathFinder Information leads coding job seekers and other various groups in online tutorials on how best to navigate the job market and land a new job.

“Coding and programming are in high demand in the job market right now. Many companies need candidates with these skills to help with company’s website or applications. There is a shortage of persons in the market with these skills which can be learned, for free, by almost anyone,” says Morgan Hatten, managing director.

Hatten encourages potential candidates to take advantage of introductions to coding and programming, by visiting websites such as: Code academy, Kahn Academy, Team Treehouse, and Hour of Code to learn basic languages.

Karen Hansen M.S. Earth Sciences, has been an educator and consultant who is currently an analyst regarding land and other public information records. She lives and works in Sacramento, CA. She has been writing about earth and the environmental sciences for Examiner.com since May of 2010. Find her work in several sections of the publication. You can find her work at SF Solar Energy Examiner, SF Environmental News Examiner and Environmental News Examiner 


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