Adria Rosendale decided in college that she wanted to become a science teacher; and she is doing just that at Harriet Eddy Middle School in the Elk Grove Unified School District.

(Photo Courtesy of Adria Rosendale)

(Photo Courtesy of Adria Rosendale)

Harriet Eddy offers a pre-engineering elective through a group called Project Lead the Way. Students learn the design methods they can apply to Auto CAD, robotics, flight and green living. “With the Next Generation Science Standards about to launch, the field of engineering is huge. I am so lucky to be at a school that realizes the importance of having this elective. I want to teach my students as much science as possible to get them excited to learn and understand how the world around them works.”

Rosendale earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Education at California State University Sacramento, her Single Subject Teaching Credential at Chapman University, and her master’s in English as a Second Language at Arizona State. She is a member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

“Completing my master’s in English as a Second Language was inspirational. The courses I have taken allow me to create a more accessible curriculum for students who are just learning English,” said Rosendale. “Teaching is an amazing field. It is rewarding to see students learn and share their knowledge. I am constantly surprised by the kindness, gentleness, caring and support that students give each other, especially in situations where I wouldn’t expect it.”

“Teaching is also the most challenging job I have ever had. Each day, 158 students pass through my class, all with their own set of emotions, instabilities, fears, sorrows and perspectives. I never know when a student will cry, have a meltdown, or just be shut down.  So while I plan lessons and prepare materials, there is a factor of the unknown that I walk into every day. That isn’t for everyone,” explained Rosendale.

“I encourage anyone interested in teaching to observe some classes. Check out different schools, different age groups, and different demographics. Whatever school you choose, students need stable, kind, hard-working and caring teachers.”

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