Given Sony’s recent security breach, almost every organization administered over the internet may mark down this next coming year in history as that of the year of internet network security. There are about 2,190 estimated computer systems analysts positions open in the County of Sacramento per the state’s official “Occupations with the Most Openings for the Sacramento Metropolitan Statistical Area” spreadsheet for 2010-2020. Nationwide, the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics is forecasting a 37 percent increase for information security analysts – which is considered much faster than average, with a mean salary of $86,170 per year between 2012-2022.

There are various titles to look for when considering a career as a computer systems analyst. These could be: computer security specialist; data security administrator; information security administrator or engineer; information security officer; information security specialist; information systems security analyst; and information technology security analyst. EDD CA advises to make use of its list of major employers when submitting resumes for employment.

The Education Portal describes internet security administrators as being responsible for protecting computer systems against attacks, and reports that, “Due to an increasing number of cyber attacks on computer systems, this industry has grown, and internet security administrators are in higher demand.” Although most security administrators hold bachelor’s degrees in this field, a combination of professional experience, knowledge of internet and network systems, and industry certifications often outweigh formal education credentials.

To get a detailed description of each of these titles above, the Employment Development Department has a search feature whereby the user can search for detailed occupational guides, and a list of schools is kept at Career GPS. A helpful tip is to enter ‘computer,’ ‘data,’  ‘information,’ and/or ‘internet’ in the search box to find certificates, degrees, and programs at various local schools in the county.

Job seekers should be sure to familiarize themselves with the educational resources available to help fund their education, such as those listed at Sacramento Works.

Karen Hansen M.S. Earth Sciences, has been an educator and consultant who is currently an analyst regarding land and other public information records. She lives and works in Sacramento, CA. She has been writing about earth and the environmental sciences for since May of 2010. Find her work in several sections of the publication. You can find her work at SF Solar Energy Examiner, SF Environmental News Examiner and Environmental News Examiner 

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