ISLETON (CBS13) — A murder suspect is on the run as police search for a gunman who allegedly killed his elderly neighbor.

Police dressed in SWAT gear and teams of K-9s scoured the tiny town of Isleton in darkness searching for a man who allegedly shot his 79-year-old neighbor inside his own home.

Chuck Hasz lives nearby, and he knows both the murder victim and the man on the run.

“We all know who he is,” he said.

Police tape kept people back from the scene of the shooting. Neighbors describe the suspect as a tough guy and believe he went into a rage.

“I didn’t think he was capable of murder,” one neighbor said.

The suspect’s truck was found abandoned.

Hasz says the man killed has a wife, and that the two were high-school sweethearts, married for more than 50 years.

“The most wonderful people you’ll ever meet,” he said.

And though he says the suspect’s actions are unfathomable, he feels for the man’s family.

“I feel sorry for his two kids and wife,” he said.

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