VALLEJO (CBS13) — Vallejo Police Lt. Kenny Park specified during a press conference on Tuesday that the department is holding back information in an effort to keep Denise Huskins safe and to protect the investigation.

Here is a series of the questions that were left without a substantive answer.

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REPORTER: Can you tell us why Aaron Quinn did not report the crime until 2 p.m. in the afternoon?

PARK: I’m not sure who Aaron Quinn is …

REPORTER: Can you tell us why the gentleman who reported it did not report it until 2 p.m. that afternoon?

PARK: Well unfortunately I cannot release that information.


REPORTER: Did he claim to be tied up?

PARK: We can’t go into those specifics.

REPORTER: Have you had any contact with the kidnappers?

PARK: I’m sorry, we can’t go into those specifics.

REPORTER: Is she rich? Why would somebody want a ransom for her?

PARK: Again, I’m sorry, but I can’t go into those specifics.


REPORTER: So was there a demand for money, a ransom specifically?

PARK: I can certainly appreciate your question, but I’m sorry I can’t answer that right now.


REPORTER: Did the person who reported it, did he indicate that he was injured?

PARK: Again, I’m sorry, I can’t answer that.

REPORTER: Was the car found in that area?

PARK: I can’t comment on the location of the car

REPORTER: Lieutenant have you guys questioned any past relationships of your reported party?

PARK: We can’t go into specific relationships at this time.

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REPORTER: Has the family been contacted by these alleged kidnappers for a ransom?

PARK: I can’t comment on that.

REPORTER: Have you made any contact with these people, or made any attempt to contact these kidnappers who are holding this person for ransom?

PARK: Again, I can’t comment on that.

REPORTER: Do we know if these alleged kidnappers had any relation to the victim?

PARK: I can’t comment on that.

REPORTER: Did the caller say there were one or two intruders, did the caller offer any indication as to how they gained access to the home?

PARK: I’m sorry I really can’t go into specific details. I promise you that we will be able to provide more information as it becomes available.

REPORTER: Do you have any descriptions of the kidnappers?

PARK: I can’t provide that.

REPORTER: How did it [Denise Hoskins’ car] get out there?

PARK: I’m not quite sure I understand.

REPORTER: The white Camry?

PARK: Yes.

REPORTER: You believe that’s Ms. Hoskins’ car?

PARK: That’s correct.

REPORTER: And how do we believe it got out there? How is it involved in any way?

PARK: [sigh] We have information that the car was moved, but I can’t go into specifics.

REPORTER: Were there any other witnesses other than the reporting person to this crime?

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PARK: I can’t comment on that.