SMARTSVILLE (CBS13) — A Yuba County man was arrested after he allegedly drugged, raped, and held a woman against her will for four days in a home he shares with his parents.

The woman’s nightmare began with a seemingly innocent offer on Facebook. Investigators say ink-covered Jason Brakebill, a tattoo artist by trade, allegedly offered her a free tattoo.

But Yuba County Sheriff’s deputies say all was not as it seemed.

Sgt. Wendell Anderson says the 21-year-old woman ended up at the Smartsville home the 35-year-old Brakebill shares with his mom and dad.

Brakebill is accused of giving her meth and a drug similar to the date-rape drug and raping her repeatedly while he held her captive over the course of four days.

Detectives say she finally got free when Brakebill fell asleep. She told the suspect’s dad who called 911.

“Apparently he has his own section of the house and they weren’t privy to what was going on,” Anderson said.

CBS13 went to the home to get the account first-hand, but an older man told us to get off the property.

Neighbors like Brett Petty aren’t sure how Brakebill didn’t draw suspicion sooner.

“I dunno if he’s in a bedroom or if he’s living in the garage or what. It’d be pretty hard for anybody else in the household not to know that’s going on,” he said.

Detectives say Brakebill claims the whole thing was consensual, but they say there’s no evidence the woman was first a willing participant but changed her mind.

Brakebill is behind bars on $300,000 bail.

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