By Kurtis Ming

STOCKTON (CBS13) — We all pay California Redemption Value when we buy certain cans and bottles. The deposit is between five and ten cents and we get that money back if we recycle the item.

Marie Martinez was surprised when Orlando’s Market and Deli in Stockton charged her five cents CRV for each Bounce Dryer Sheets and Oxygen Power Stain Remover.

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“I was just flabbergasted,” she said.

According to the state, CRV deposits only apply to certain beverage containers including aluminum, glass and plastic bottles. Marie claims the clerk inside the store wouldn’t refund her.

“Is this a scam,” Marie asked wondering if this is how the store is making extra money.

We wanted to see for ourselves. Our undercover producer bought the same exact bounce dryer sheets and carpet cleaner. We were not charged the CRV. So we also bought a bottle of water, which is subject to the deposit. We weren’t charged it on the bottle either.

“That’s not something we get a lot of complaints about,” said Mark Oldfield with CalRecycle.

He admits some smaller mom and pop stores may not understand the rules or don’t program their computers correctly.

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“It’s typically operator error,” he said.

He says his office relies on complaints to set these places straight and he’s not aware of any egregious cases.

We reached out to the owner of Orlando’s market who called the issue an accident claiming, “We make mistakes occasionally, but they are always honest mistakes.” He added, “We fixed the problems.”

Marie hopes that’s true.

“I would like it stopped obviously because it’s not supposed to be happening,” she said.

While CRV is charged on most beverages, milk, wine and liquor are not included.

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If you noticed something funny, CalRecyle says give them a call at 1-800 Recycle. Although by law, this issue now falls under each county’s weights and measures department. You can complain to them.