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Sacramento has some fantastic deals to take advantage of over this month’s national holiday weekend. On your mark, get set, shop!

Camping & The Great Outdoors

Shop and experience the beauty of the outdoors by renting and/or taking classes before you buy; from the true navigators of the American and Sacramento rivers. REI has a variety of openings remaining in its schedule of classes for kayaking, photography and paddle board classes. Adventure Sports will also feature kayak and paddle board rentals and tours at Negro Bar State Park Folsom. Exchange knowledge about camping and other sports equipment with your friends, old and new, while trying out this awesome merchandise!

Used Clothing 

Look out for great clothing sales this Memorial Day weekend, especially in the previously worn section. advises that April/May are the months to hit the thrift and consignment stores, as people will be finishing up rotating their clothes, giving them a second look and taking many of them to used clothing stores. Check out the displays and merchandise at the Sacramento Women’s Assistance League, deemed the “Nordstrom’s of used clothing,” just off the El Camino Country Club. The American Cancer Society Discovery Shops, Weave, and of course the Goodwill and The Salvation Army are always great places to make donations and/or make purchases that have shared the love of someone else.

Car Sales

Professional car buyers know that the holidays are a great time to buy cars. During Memorial Day weekend, car dealers have a full inventory of vehicles and are looking to help dealerships finish out their sales for the month, with special incentives from the manufacturers. What car should you buy over Memorial Day weekend? Nor Cal has some great offers available! Request a quote, locate a dealer, build your Honda online or come in for the Nor Cal Honda Sales Events!

Community Service Agriculture 

Love having someone else actually put the groceries into the basket for you and deliver it right to your doorstep? There are many services willing to do this, but keep in mind that they are seasonal and shares go quickly. Take some time to visit a local urban farm with family or friends this weekend and seriously consider what it could mean to become a shareholder in Sacramento’s local food chain. Soil Born Farms Urban Agriculture and Education Project can usually take new memberships through Memorial Day. 

Online Coupons

Look out for more and more purchasing to be done online. Costco is joining the pack of retailers increasing their virtual presence by offering new online-only offers good only through May 31. Since you will be out and about enjoying the Memorial Day weekend, shop on your smart phone at your leisure in between barbecues, festivals and ceremonies.

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