WOODLAND (CBS13) – Environmental advocates are risking arrest by blocking the entrance to Monsanto’s Woodland facility Thursday morning.

There are dozens of protesters at facility, some holding signs and banners.  They plan on blocking the entrance to when the employees show up for work.

The protest is part of anti-Monsanto action in locations worldwide Thursday.

Activists take exception with Monsanto’s work in genetically modified food.

“I am out here to try and stop Monsanto’s operations, at least for today,” said protester Mindy Donham. “One day can make a difference in making people aware there is a problem.”

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Monsanto released a statement Thursday morning, noting they are proud of their work with farmers.

“Our goal is to help farmers do this in a more sustainable way using fewer resources and having a smaller impact on the environment.  We know people have different points of view on these topics, and it’s important that they’re able to express and share them,” Monsanto wrote.

The sheriff’s department is on stand-by at the Woodland facility.

Hundreds are expected to attend a rally part of the global “march against Monsanto” protest Sunday at the State Capitol.