By Kurtis Ming

MODESTO (CBS13) — Photos snapped in September at Modesto High School and proofs are all Caitlin Perkey has of her senior portraits.

“These are once in a life time photos”, says Caitlin.

Now at the end of the school year, Caitlin’s mother Elizabeth Perkey says ABC School Portraits which is contracted by the school, has told them time and time again that they’ll get the pictures in two weeks. After waiting for the photos since last year Elizabeth says “they could have arrived by Pony Express.”

We’ve learned students and athletes all over the region are posting similar complaints online and with the Better Business Bureau.

One person writing, “I feel like I’m gonna be a senior citizen rather than a high school senior by the time I get them.”

We reached out to photography studio owner Marty Brown with The School Photographers Association.

Marty says “photographers in general are not the most organized people in the world.” However when you’re working in the field of school photography you have to be organized or “you’re not hired back” says Marty.

Yet according to ABC School Portraits website they’re still taking on new business.

Elizabeth who has another child that will be entering high school says “We’re not going to entrust a special moment to them again.”

We went to ABC School Portraits headquarters in Benicia though no one was available to talk to us at the time; we later spoke to owner Calvin Harrell on the phone. Calvin acknowledges delivery challenges this year and told us that “key staff members resigned who were responsible for all production and processes in our plant.” Calvin provided us with a full statement (.PDF) and said that they’re addressing issues as quickly as they can.

Shortly after we got involved Caitlin finally got her pictures and just in time for graduation.

“You’re never going to be a senior in high school again” says Caitlin.