By Bobby Jones, KHTK Sports 1140

Celebrity Apprentice 2.0.  Roger Goodell, you’re fired!  Who gets to replace him?  YOU do!  In this scenario, we’ll explore three things you would immediately do as commissioner of the NFL.  I’d like to refrain from dealing with disciplinary actions, even though firing Goodell would be a welcome disciplinary action.  However, if I was named commissioner, the first 3 things I would immediately do would be:

1:  Eliminate artificial surfaces.  Football was not intended to be a “clean” sport.  In fact, mud football was one of the most fun games to be played with friends.  Sure, parents would get mad when you came home a muddy mess.  But, hey, kids will be kids, right?  Artificial surfaces make each player a step faster, which shrinks the amount of playing space.  And, if you ask me, the NFL needs more space to work with, not less.  Add to that, there’s evidence that the crumb rubber (the little black pellets in the turf) have been proven to cause respiratory harm and even cancer.

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Now, I know that doing this would cause an uproar to the NFL teams that use domed stadiums.  But, I’m commissioner, and I don’t care.  Put in natural grass, or sell your team.  Period.

2.  My next order of business would be to widen the field by 2.5 yards on each side.  Adding more space for the players to operate would do many things.  But, specifically, it would cut down on big hits, which is an apparent concern of the league based on the way they’re regulating tackling.  It would also bring back something that’s been missing from the league for quite some time now.  The running game.  I don’t know about you all, but I grow tired of watching a pure passing league.  Might as well go down to the local park and watch flag football.

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3.  Finally, I would attempt to regulate the no-huddle offenses.  I would inform the referees to stand over the football until the teams, referees, and chain gangs are set.  However, with 5 minutes left in each quarter, you can go to the up-tempo.  I’ve just grown tired of watching football with all the conversations at the line of scrimmage.  I’ve always thought that if you had that much to say, just huddle up!


There.  Those are the 3 things I would immediately institute if I were commissioner of the NFL.  I do realize that some people would think I’m crazy for doing this stuff, but these same people probably think Roger Goodell is crazy for some of the stuff he’s been doing.

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What are 3 things that you would do?