SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – CHP is looking for a suspect after a deadly hit-and-run incident on Wednesday morning. It happened at Marconi Avenue and Calderwood Lane near Del Paso Country Club.

Detectives are looking for a red vehicle with significant damage to the front end. They’re also looking at traffic cameras to get more details about what happened.

Potential who were near the crash told investigators they couldn’t see anything because a bus was blocking their view.

A new bill in the state legislature could help catch hit and run suspects faster.

So we’re asking: How can California’s Amber Alert signs help catch a hit and run suspect?

“The person who hit him and didn’t even stop, and that’s probably the saddest part,” said Rena, whose neighbor was the victim in the crash.

Rena was there early Wednesday morning as her neighbor died in the middle of Marconi Avenue.

“I went by his side, put my hand on his chest and he was still breathing. And I just made eye contact and let him know that paramedics were on the way. And unfortunately he took his last breath,” said Rena.

She and others are outraged over the driver fleeing the scene.

“It was so sad,” said Ray, a bystander.

“The only way we are going to make sure that people stop when they hit somebody is to make sure that people understand that there are consequences and they will be caught,” said California Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

On Tuesday, the State Assembly passed a bill that would allow law enforcement to use California’s existing highway alert signs to broadcast identifying information about suspect vehicles in hit and runs that cause serious injuries or death.

“When Colorado tried something like this, they saw their apprehension rate go up from 20 percent to 76 percent in just one year — that’s a lot of people brought to justice and a lot of grieving families that can finally get closure.

Gatto says about 80 percent of California hit-and-run suspects get away — a troubling statistic for the victim’s friends.

“I just hope to God that they find this guy,” said Ray.

Who support anything that would hold hit and run drivers accountable.

“I hope things do change in the future because it’s such a sad thing. It really is,” she said.