By: Anthony Bertacchi

Sometimes things make sense when you see them. If I told you that Rob Ryan enjoyed playing Call of Duty you’d believe me, right? I’m not saying that he does, I’m just saying that it makes sense. The same goes for how San Francisco 49ers head coach, Jim Tomsula, feels about social media. When talking to reporters during minicamp Tomsula said,

“I don’t get it, personally. Talking purely personal here, OK? It just so happens every time I hear about it, it’s not in a good way.”

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Tomsula elaborated more when he said, “The message will be just here it is, this is what it is, and how do you use this and how do you live with this in our world?” Tomsula said. “I could say something to you right now and in the next sentence say I didn’t mean that. Well, to me that’s what you can’t do on the social media. God knows as much as I misspeak I’d be a disaster on that stuff.”

This is the same guy that had maybe the most awkward press conference in the history of sports last year.

In a way he’s not wrong. Colin Kaepernick has had a few missteps when it came to social media. Whether it was the Instagram post about Houston after the natural disaster or his picture holding up a Dolphin hat, social media hasn’t been a benefit to the 49ers.

Meanwhile you have the former coach of the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh, at Michigan on social media with his shirt off at practice. I understand that when you get rid of someone in management that you want the guy coming in to be the opposite… and job well done on that one for the 49ers, but they went from a guy who seemed like a crazy person to your grandpa.

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Then again neither Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin tweet and they’ve won six of the last fifteen Super Bowls. Maybe Tomsula is right. Then again, if athletes never acknowledged social media then we’d never again get to see them on Jimmy Kimmel reading mean tweets, and that’s a world I don’t want to live in.



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