FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A Fairfield man has suffered life-threatening burns after fireworks he was working on exploded, police say.

Police say 911 callers in Fairfield reported a loud explosion along Catlin Drive, off of E. Tabor Avenue, just after 5 p.m. Wednesday. They also reported that a man was lying on the ground in front of the house.

“I look outside, there’s just a bunch of smoke. You [could] barely breathe,” a neighbor said.

Once at the scene, officers found 42-year-old Anthony Stewart with severe burns across his body.

The initial investigation has revealed that Stewart was assembling fireworks inside of his garage for the Fourth of July. A large quantity of undetonated devices and explosive material was found in the garage.

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A bomb squad has confiscated and detonated the remaining explosive material early Thursday morning.

Stewart was airlifted as is said to be suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Nearby neighbors were evacuated for the night, police say.