SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Rallies were held across the country in celebration of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision on Friday, including one in Sacramento on the steps of the state Capitol.

The celebration continued in the Lavender District in Midtown until late into the night, with lots of people excited about the decision.

Former state senate president Darrell Steinberg took part in the rally at the Capitol on Friday.

“The drought must have abated for a day, for there are rainbows everywhere,” he said. “From this day forward you never ever have to argue with anyone about your constitutional legal rights.”

Hundreds of supporters gathered at the Capitol steps to celebrate what they call a victory, as members of the gay community held hands while their friends and family stood by their side.

A few protesters also showed up.

A statement from Sacramento Catholic Bishop Jaime Soto reads: “The decision of the Supreme Court has attempted to address the issue of respect in the wrong way and has pushed the Country further down a libertarian understanding of freedom and equality.”

Meanwhile supporters say while the Supreme Court decision was monumental, there’s still a long way to do, including handling rental and job discrimination.


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