VALLEJO (CBS13) — A day after an FBI report said the Vallejo Police Department was wrong when it declared the Denise Huskins kidnapping a hoax, the department and city leaders are deflecting more than they’re answering questions.

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CBS13 asked Capt. John Whitney if the department would offer an apology.

WHITNEY: We’re going to hold off on that until the investigation is concluded. And then we’ll evaluate it at that time

STEVE LARGE: A viewer watching might feel that’s a callous response.

WHITNEY: You might be able to say that, but I think it’s important we wait and see the final outcome of the FBI investigation is and then go from there.

Attorneys for Huskins and her boyfriend Aaron Quinn called on the police to apologize for calling their kidnapping a story and blaming them for misusing police resources in March. The FBI said the case was real in a report released on Monday.

Vallejo city hall’s response is denying they made any mistakes.

“At no point did we say it’s a non-case, and let’s walk away from it. That never happened,” City Manager Daniel Keen said.

At first, City Councilman Bob Sampayan, a retired Vallejo officer of 20 years, followed the mayor and city manager when it came to not apologizing.

“I’m personally not going to make any statements as to what I think may have happened,” he said.

Then, the first sign of an apology at city hall.

LARGE: Just Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, anything you would want to say to them?

SAMPAYAN: Not at this time no.

LARGE: No apology?

SAMPAYAN: Well of course I would want to say, I’m sorry they’ve had to go through this, and as victims I think our city should have been more sensitive in the way we dealt with them.