SACRAMENTO (CBS Sacramento) – Kevin Bacon is fighting for rights to #Freethebacon by demanding more male actors get naked.

In a PSA filmed for Mashable, Bacon is calling out Hollywood and all of its double standards when showing female and male nudity.

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He even shared examples such as calling out show “Game Of Thrones” talking about their sex scenes. Bacon said, “Let me on the show, it’ll be awesome, I’ll play a naked wizard or something?”

He even discusses the lack of frontal scenes in the movie “Fifty Shade Of Grey.” Bacon jokingly said, “Let me play Christian Grey! We’ll do the whole movie in one long closeup of my penis!”

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Bacon is all about using his private parts for the greater good. He even mentioned a lot of times in his contracts he asks for naked scenes.

They respond back with, “Kevin, you don’t need to be naked this is animated film. Kevin, you aren’t even in this film. Why are you naked?”

At the end of the PSA, Bacon asks male actors to tweet out pictures of their unmentionables, but the producer told him that couldn’t happen. He gets up from the chair in rage with what looked like his privates blurred out.

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Bacon just wants more films with more naked men.