This question comes up every now and then: Which sports team has the best logo?

FTW USA Today believes is has the answer. The article states “There’s no rhyme or reason to what makes a great sports logo. Some are clean and simple. Others are delicate and intricate. Some have hidden messages. Others have all the subtly of an episode of Bachelor in Paradise.”

With that being said, who has the best logo? Apparently, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. America’s football team has the best logo in ALL of sports.

After their research, FTW USA Today found that the NHL generally “has the best logos,” while the NFL has the worst. One surprising note, they found most Colleges have “boring logos.” Bet some mascots are upset by that.

Following the Dallas Cowboys in second are the current NBA Champs, the Golden State Warriors. The MLB logo took third place with the Texas Longhorns coming in fourth. A hockey team rounded out the top five, the Detroit Red Wings.

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