By Lemor Abrams

ELVERTA (CBS13) – Thousands turned out for the “City of Trees” concert at Gibson Ranch Saturday, but many aren’t talking about the live performances.

All over social media, there was backlash all over water. They allege the concert ran out of water – on a day where temperatures pushed 100.

“Access to water is a joke. They make you dump it out at the front and there is only one water station. Line spans whole event,” wrote Brian Zitzow on Facebook.

People say event organizers brought in water trucks, but event-goers say they had to resort to using hoses to fill their bottles after water and ice ran out.

“They are filling buckets with hose water and submerging everyone’s bottles in to fill them up,” wrote Meghan Maureen.

RADIO 94.7, one of the sponsors of the event, responded to the social media backlash on Twitter, writing “We refilled water within 20 minutes and handed out water bottles to those waiting during that time.”

However, that’s not what people leaving the concert said.

“I brought a water bottle, but never had a place to fill it up because by the time I got there at 3:30 this afternoon all the water was gone,” Amber Boobar said. “That’s not OK, that’s not OK at all. It puts people in major health risk, in danger for sure.”

California Highway Patrol, who was handling traffic control outside of the event, said they didn’t hear about any medical issues.