by Russell Preston, KHTK Sacramento

With the 2015 football season quickly approaching, odds-makers at Bovada have released preseason rankings for who is likely to lead in each stat category by the end of the season. In this case, they have just released the top-23 players chances for leading passing yards, rushing yards and receiving yards. 

Rushing Leaders  –  Receiving Leaders

The 49ers, after a rebuilding offseason, are a bit of a question mark in terms of predictability. They have a new coach with little head coaching experience, a new offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and a revamped roster wildly different to previous seasons. There’s no telling how well they will perform in the air this year.

The Raiders, after another less-than-stellar year, they will try to revamp their air attack with second-year QB Derek Carr and new weapons Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. There’s no telling when these three will find chemistry, but when they do they will be a real threat.

Here are the top odds for leading passers this season:

Andrew Luck                             7/2

Aaron Rodgers                          4/1

Peyton Manning                        7/1

Ben Roethlisberger                    7/1

Drew Brees                               9/1

Matt Ryan                                 10/1

Eli Manning                               12/1

Matthew Stafford                      12/1

Tom Brady                                20/1

Joe Flacco                                25/1

Tony Romo                               25/1

Philip Rivers                              28/1

Ryan Tannehill                           33/1

Sam Bradford                           50/1

Carson Palmer                          66/1

Teddy Bridgewater                    100/1

Jay Cutler                                 100/1

Andy Dalton                              100/1

Nick Foles                                100/1

Marcus Mariota                         100/1

Cam Newton                             100/1

Russell Wilson                          100/1

Jameis Winston                         100/1

No love for Colin Kaepernick on this list. I’m not sure his odds at this point, but when a veteran QB who has been to a NFC championship and a Superbowl in two straight seasons being ranked behind two rookies, it doesn’t look good. Same goes for Carr, there are just too many unknowns to predict a huge year from him right now.

Also, no surprise Andrew Luck leads the group. He has all the weapons he needs to improve from last year’s already stellar performance. Andre Johnson was added from Houston, Frank Gore has been known to be a good blocker and receiving back, while T.Y. Hilton can outrun pretty much anyone.

Source: Bovada