by Russell Preston, KHTK Sacramento

Injuries are a constant obstacle in professional sports – especially for the daily grind and marathon of a season the MLB has. It’s also important to be clear that injuries are not funny in any way, unless you’re Jeremy Affeldt of the San Francisco Giants.

The lefty reliever is getting older, where injuries become more common, but his track record for injuries and how he got them are a pretty amazing list. Now on the disabled list yet again, we wish you a speedy recovery, Jeremy.

Here are the top four injuries by Affeldt:

4. The “Heavy Kid” incident of 2012

In 2012, Affeldt landed on the 15-day disabled list after his son tackled him and injured his knee. We all know how hard it is to be a parent, but when your kid is playing around with you and you become the injured one, that’s on you.

3. The “Slippery When Wet” accident of 2015

It’s a new year, and another odd, non-baseball injury for Affeldt. This time, he was celebrating his son’s birthday at Loon Lake and as he jumped into the lake, he slipped off the platform and injured his knee again. Diagnosed as a subluxated knee, it looks like he’s going to be on the DL for a while. So far his son is the common denominator.

2. “Who Wants A Patty?” circa 2011

Another classic Affeldt-ism was this gem in 2011. While hosting a barbecue at his house, he decided to cut up some frozen hamburger patties to grill. The problem is he cut his hand with the knife and needed surgery due to nerve damage. That’s just some bad luck and a dull knife. He took a little longer to heal from this one because the injured hand was his throwing hand. Ouch.

1. “The Attack of Ah-Choo” of 2013

This is my favorite. Affeldt is on the road in 2013, the Giants are in another weird odd year between championship wins and there had already been injuries to several other key players on the team. Affeldt was the icing on the cake when he was laying on the bed and had a sneezing fit. Next thing you know he strains an oblique from sneezing too hard. You just can’t make this stuff up.