WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parking problems are growing with development along the West Sacramento waterfront, and it could be creating a black market for parking permits.

It’s not hard to find cars with residential parking permits in the Riverfront neighborhoods near Raley Field. That’s because each resident can apply for an unlimited amount and they never expire.

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More than 7,000 new residential units are expected to be built in the area in the next 20 years.

“There are problems,” said resident Sue Hullen. “I saw them ticketing people the other day at the TBD Festival and i’m happy about that.”

The city says some people may even be profiting from underground sales of parking privileges.

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“It’s possible to get your sticker and then give the other two plaques away that you hang on your car so I could definitely see that happening,” said resident Anthoney Kelly.

Now West Sacramento city leaders are considering rewriting the rules to include requiring permits to be registered to a vehicle and address, requiring annual renewals, building new temporary off-street parking lots and a parking authority to oversee them.

The city is also in talks to allow Sacramento city parking enforcement officers to cross the border and begin writing tickets in West Sacramento. Both cities would split the proceeds, but some residents have mixed feelings about that.

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“That I disagree with,” said resident Ed Dorn. “If there is enforcement needed it should be done within the city of West Sacramento, not from an outside agency.”