By Leigh Martinez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former student who allegedly threatened an attack on the American River College was arrested on Thursday.

Kristofer Wayne Clark is facing felony charges.

Police say a student heard the threat and told a faculty member who alerted police. Clark was arrested at his job on Thursday night.

“There were weapons at the home. Those have been confiscated. They did belong to his parents,” said Los Rios Police spokesman John McPeek.

His arrest comes after a mass shooting on a community college in Oregon last week and two more campus shootings in Texas and Arizona.

American River College’s campus newspaper editor says he and his staff are stressed reporting on campus shooting. Just last month, a shooting happened on their sister campus, Sacramento City College.

We also know people who know these people that are involved,” said John Ferrannini. “It’s impacting people we know. I have mutual friends with him on Facebook.”

Clark is facing charges of threats to commit a crime resulting in death or great bodily injury.