By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Some women considered career criminals are being given a chance to turn their lives around with a new twist on an old program.

From hair to makeup to clothing, it’s another chance at getting it right.

“Well, I’ve had a couple of DUIs and in trouble with the law,” Rebecca Morton said.

She’s one of dozens of women who completed various probation drug rehab programs.

“It’s just a little push, nudge from the judge but its helped me realize what’s important to me and try to better my ways,” she said.

The workshops have one objective—getting a job.

Helping women look the part is part of the first year of the Women Achieving Success conference. The Sacramento County Probation Department teamed with local nonprofits and businesses to make them job-ready.

“We hope they’re going to learn a few techniques on how to do their hair and makeup, take a business suit home and hopeful have a few tips on an interview,” said supervising probation officer Michelle Vela-Payne.

It’s an emotional day for Danielle Callahan.

“I’m just truly blessed to be here and all the beautiful things that are going on in my life today,” she said. “The things that I didn’t think were possible that are very possible.”

She says she’s putting her past in an out of county jail and state prison behind her and focusing on building a foundation for a brighter future.

“I’ve accomplished so much in the last nine months, that I’m proud of myself today,” she said.