SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – You would think that saving water would help you save money.

Unfortunately for residents in the City of Angels, their hard work during this continued drought means they’ll actually be paying higher water bills.

The Los Angeles Times reports that due to Angelinos doing such a great job in saving water this year, the LA Department of Water and Power says their revenue is drying up. The only way to make up the difference, the department says, is to increase their rates.

People will have to pay about $1.80 more a month for their water, according to the LA Times.

Californians as a whole have been meeting the water conservation target of 25 percent set by Gov. Jerry Brown. In August, the most recent numbers available, the State Water Resources Control Board says California cut water use by 27 percent.

According to predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Southern California is in for wetter than normal winter thanks to a strong El Niño.

Northern California could also see wetter than normal weather. However, the outlook is not as good as Southern California’s chances. Further, according to NOAA, the drought is predicted to continue or worsen in most of Northern California from October to January.