Things are looking up for Sacramento in terms of overall companies hiring at this moment. According to Carmichael Times, it looks like on average of the companies that were polled, three out of four are actively hiring. Those companies were polled, and current available jobs and positions include 42 percent from service oriented jobs, 27 percent from manufacturers, 17 percent from construction and 14 percent in retail.

The reasons behind the hiring trend boom seem to be simple enough. Those companies polled are themselves expanding and need to fill a growing workforce. When probed even further, a good majority (61 percent of responders) found that their workforce is also constantly shifting. People are retiring, and companies that once were downsizing because of the economy now are returning to their normal workforce size.

The poll also found that a large number of companies report finding “qualified applicants” as being a problem. Skills that are in demand in Sacramento include those in the construction trade, route and delivery drivers, nursing, sales and accounting or financing. And when it comes to business administration in general, that seems to be the degree of choice right now that will attract employers: “Sacramento employers overwhelmingly said a business administration degree is your best choice.”

It’s no secret that Sacramento’s economy has rebounded thanks to a study done by The Sacramento Business Review, which sees Sacramento reaching peak employment levels seen before in 2007 (pre-recession numbers) sometime this year or earlier next year. And it looks like the secret is already out of the bag for how well the region is doing.  Sacramento already ranked in the top 100 cities to raise a family for 2015, according to Wallethub (68th place), beating out its more popular sister city San Francisco. And according to an informal post by the Huffington Post, Sacramento is one of the top five coolest cities to get in on the ground floor citing quick trips to the Bay Area and scenic trips like Tahoe and praising its affordable housing.

Paulo Acoba is a California native raised in the Bay Area and living in the Central Valley. He enjoys distance running, cycling and grassroots motorsports. He holds a degree in management from the University of California Merced. Paulo has been writing for since 2012 and covering the Fresno area.