STOCKTON (CBS13) — Bear Creek High School has canceled and forfeit its games against McNair High School on Friday after vandalism at the rival school.

Graffiti at the school ranging from genitalia to profanities to the Stussy “S” were left on the walls of the McNair campus.

The school’s principal released a statement on the defacement:

“This is Bill Atterberry, principal of Bear Creek High School with a message regarding tonight’s football games. Because a few Bear Creek High School students decided it would be “fun” to tag/graffiti/deface McNair High School on Wednesday night (and at this stage, we know it was Bear Creek high School students) the tension between our two student bodies is high enough to warrant drastic action to ensure the safety of students, players and staff.


“The junior varsity game is canceled. The varsity game will be played, as scheduled, but it will be played without visiting and home team fans. The only “fans” that will be permitted to attend are the parents/guardians of Bear Creek High School senior football players. Each Bear Creek High School football player will be given two passes for that purpose only.


“For everybody else, for the purpose of this event Bear Creek High School is off limits. Bear Creek and McNair High School administrators and security will be out in force, as will the Stockton Police Department. School resource Office[r] Gonzales has asked me to announce that “any and all trespassers can and will be cited for trespassing.


“This is a sad and, unfortunately, continuing chapter in the recent history of Bear Creek and McNair High Schools. Over the past three years, fewer than twenty students have managed to tarnish the otherwise stellar and proud traditions of both schools. Our students and staff are committed to healing the harm and returning to spirited and friendly rivalries. That will, however, take more time.


“Thank you for understanding that when it comes to our students, staff, and community, safety comes first.”

Hours after this statement, the school announced the varsity game is canceled.

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