CAMERON PARK (CBS13) – A local author is teaching kids how to meditate using a rather unconventional method.

Kaden Olsen isn’t new to the practice of finding inner peace.

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“I do a little bit of yoga class on Tuesdays. It’s really a fun experience,” Kayden said.

But seashell meditation is a brand new element to his mat time.

Patsy Bunfil created the concept following a meditation seminar and focuses on teaching children how to zone in on their Zen.

“I was inspired to write this 10 book collection using the seashell as a technique for the focus and the clarity and concentration, and I put it into the form of a short story rhyme,” Bunfil said.

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Yogis of all ages familiar with the series say it’s worth a try.

“When I’m older, maybe I’m going to have a little bit of difficulty, you know, sometimes handling life. So sometimes I just need to get that out by, sometimes just the best way is meditating and letting go of my anger and fear,” Kaden said.

And that early education could be the path to a healthy future for the mind, body and soul.

“To learn this technique at an early age is really, really important to send them off into their lives as they grow,” Patsy said. “And they can teach it to others, and you know it really is a great thing for kids to do.”

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If you’re interested in purchasing a set, the series is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.