By Ron Jones

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A group of seniors in Roseville are fighting to prevent an 85-foot tall tower from going into their community.

Neighbors at the Sun City Senior Resort say they are not being given the chance to vote on it.

Residents wanted CBS13 to attend a meeting between them and their homeowner’s association’s board of directors, but the board kept us out.

“The point is we don’t want a cellphone tower in a residential area,” resident Jennifer Martin said. “Put it some place else.”

Dozens of residents organized a united front against the plan.

“We bought here as a resort,” said Bud Gardner. “We love this place and we don’t want it changed.”

Residents say the board could allow construction of an 85-foot Verizon Wireless cellphone tower in a grove of mature trees.

“And it’s just ugly,” Martin said. “And people don’t want it, but our board is not listening.”

The board called the meeting private and closed to the media.

The senior resort is surrounded by nature and a wealth of high-end amenities.

“We’ve done our time. We’ve done our work,” said Diane Tanner. “We need that park. It’s a protected oak grove.”

The retirees believe the board is about to tarnish their golden years.

Some like Bill Sloan though think the proposal isn’t such a bad idea. The resort stands to make about $2,000 a month from Verizon.

“I think it will just blend in with what’s here,” he said.

Martin says according to the association’s bylaws, the board doesn’t have to give them a vote.

“They don’t have to ask for our vote even though it’s probably the proper thing to do,” he said.

The board says it hasn’t reached a decision yet and expects to have several more meetings in January.