By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – While shoppers are looking for deals, crime experts say criminals are lurking among the bargain hunters, looking for unsuspecting victims.

Dedicated shoppers at Arden Fair Mall are one of the millions looking for holiday bargains. But as you are shopping for deals, criminals are shopping for opportunities.

“I don’t have much valuable on me though,” said Kattie Hollingworth, a shopper.

Some people are valuable target for criminals and don’t even know it. It all depends on how you carry yourself or what you’re carrying. Many people we spoke with know some of the basic crime-prevention tips.

“I just try to keep it close hand on my bag just in case that really it,” said Hollingworth.

But one tip that is often overlooked is how most shoppers eliminate the guessing game for crooks. Thieves now shop for victims according to the bags they carry. The National Crime Prevention Council suggests placing your purchases in a plain non-descript bag before leaving the store.

Shopper Liz Tipton says for added security she keeps a shopping buddy with her at all times.

“So while you’re shopping, someone can be watching your back,” she said.

How likely are you to become a victim of crime on Black Friday and what’s more likely to be stolen?

According to insurance company Travelers, thefts on Black Friday are 28 percent higher than any other day of the year when looking at thefts reported away from homes.

Clothing and apparel are 40 percent more likely to be stolen on Black Friday. Toys are three times more likely, and video game thefts are 42 percent more likely.