SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A south Sacramento family and their home are safe following a fire that took down their backyard chicken coops.

Firefighters rushed out to Strawberry Lane and 26th Avenue Avenue Saturday afternoon.

“We had reports of a possible backyard fire. Upon arrival, we quickly discovered what we had appeared to be a large wooden structure that was fully involved,” said Roberto Padilla with the Sacramento Fire Department.

As crews continued to fight the flames, they realized the wooden structure was actually a coop filled with chickens.

Firefighters did their best to save what they could, including at least five little chicks.

Downed power lines prevented crews from getting in as fast as they wanted, but they did what they could to save whatever they could.

“We also had reports of power lines down, which presented a challenge for us,” Padilla said. “But we were able to knock down the fire, while fighting the fire, we noticed that there was a lot of baby chickens so while initiating attack, it kind of became a priority for us to get those little baby chickens out.”

Once in, crews were able to contain the fire.

No one was injured and no major damage was caused to any homes. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.