STOCKTON (CBS13) – Well-known environment activist Erin Brockovich is voicing her concerns about the City of Stockton’s plan to add chloramines to its drinking water.

“Congratulations to the City of Stockton, California… you’re adding ammonia to your drinking water because you’re too lazy and cheap to remove dirt (organics) from your water supplies,” Brockovich posted on Facebook.

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She also added, “You’re on the fast track to creating the next Flint, Michigan,” referencing the ongoing water crisis in that city that is preventing residents from being able to access clean water.

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Stockton’s switch from chlorine to chloramines is set to happen by February.

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Opponents claim chloramines cause rashes and may lead to cancer.

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva responded to Brockovich in a Facebook post of his own, writing in part:

“We will immediately host a Town Hall Meeting on Stockton Water by next week. We will invite the Public Utilities Director and his staff. We will also invite Water Quality specialists from the County and State. I will also reach out to Erin Brockovich and invite her.”

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Silva added that he himself is also has concerns about the idea of adding new chemicals to drinking water.